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The Vincent P. Gurucharri, MD Foundation

Dr. Vincent P. Gurucharri was a well-known surgeon who practiced general and thoracic surgery in Boone County from 1980-2003. In December of 2001, Dr. Gurucharri was diagnosed with a rare cancer and after a two-year battle he passed away in 2003. Dr. Gurucharri displayed a passion for the pursuit of medical knowledge that was exceeded only by his compassion-compassion that included the medical, spiritual, and financial needs of patients.

In an effort to preserve the legacy of Dr. Gurucharri, the Vincent P. Gurucharri, M.D. Foundation, Inc. was established in January 2006. The Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing financial assistance to persons undergoing treatment for cancer by assisting with payments such as; medical expense,house/rent payments, utilities, transportation costs, insurance costs, child-care. Hopefully this assistance will relieve some of the financial stress that occurs during this time.

Initially, the Foundation served individuals from Boone County, but with the generous donations from the community the Foundation is now serving cancer patients from 8 Mid-Missouri Counties; Audrain, Boone, Callaway, Cole, Cooper, Howard, Moniteau and Randolph. To be eligible the cancer patients must demonstrate to have limited financial resources. Social Workers in area hospitals will evaluate the patient’s financial status and make the referral to the Foundation. Patients are eligible to receive up to $750/year for assistance.

The VGF is asking for your financial support to help preserve the legacy of Dr. Gurucharri and to assist these patients from the Mid Missouri area in their time of need. In Dr. Gurucharri’s own words, “People Help People”, which he found was true when the community helped him during his bone marrow implant and illness.

Your support of the Foundation is greatly appreciated.

Sondra Flaker
Vincent P. Gurucharri, M.D. Foundation, Inc.