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Become A Sponsor

In these hard economic times, the need for help for a family dealing with cancer is greater than ever before.  Your sponsorship commitment will continue the Vincent Gurucharri Foundation goal to provide assistance to those who never knew they would one day face the most challenging time of their life.  Please help us continue our mission of “People Help People” to lessen the burden of cancer patients in Mid-Missouri.

Please consider becoming a corporate sponsor.  We have 3 levels of corporate sponsorship:

– Inspirational Level – $3,000 and up

– Passionate Level – $1,500

– Helping Hand Level – $750


Our Corporate Sponsors

Without companies like these, we would not be able to help nearly as many people as we’ve been able to help.  Thanks to the following sponsors – we could not do it without you!

Columbia Surgical Associates



unnamed (1)


D & H Drugstores